Thursday, March 25, 2010


Being disappointed with the selection of leggings (not the footed kind, the pant kind)in the stores this season, I decided to make up a pair of my own last night. I still had some socks left over that I had purchased to make leggings for Summer and figured the same process would work for Brooke. Sarah had found this tutorial online when our babies were very new. The only thing I changed for Brooke was to measure 2 3/4" on the cuff section. Low and behold, custom leggings! They cover her entire leg, but I guess she isn't especially tall. Really, though, I had intended to have something more like a capri, but I think they will scrunch up just fine. You could also use them with a short-sleeve shirt as a faux long-sleeved undershirt. Her reaction..."Mommy, you're such a big helper to make stuff for me and Summer." Well, if that doesn't just melt my heart and make me run out to buy half a dozen more pairs of socks (which I did) then I don't know what would.
Of course she didn't exactly choose the best socks to go with the leggings, but they looked super cute with her pink boots she had on.

Summer got in on the photo op

Brooke and her "big helper"

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  1. How cool!! And what a super cute comment from Brooke!! :) They are getting so big!