Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hunts Are On

Yesterday, Brooke was invited to join her friends as the Mustang Easter egg hunt. It was cool and VERY windy, but they all had a good time. No prize eggs for this bunny, but she doesn't know the difference. She's thrilled to pieces with her bracelets, bunny erasers, and jumping frogs. Here is what we did...
Waiting patiently (they really did) for the 3 & 4 yr old hunt
On the prowl...her little basket filled up rather quickly. We tried to run back to the stroller and empty it for another round, but all the eggs were gone by the time we got back on the field.

Showing off her nest

The magic of peer pressure...the last time Brooke had the opportunity to have her face painted she refused. Most likely because the clown applying the paint terrified her, but this time her friends were doing it and she wanted to be like them. She sat VERY still while a great artist gave her a very girl cat.

She was SO proud of this kitty-cat. She showed it off to everybody at church last night.

The three amigos. Presley had a brown cat, and Molly was, as you can see, a clown.

We had a great time. Thanks for inviting us Maria, Presley, and Molly.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Being disappointed with the selection of leggings (not the footed kind, the pant kind)in the stores this season, I decided to make up a pair of my own last night. I still had some socks left over that I had purchased to make leggings for Summer and figured the same process would work for Brooke. Sarah had found this tutorial online when our babies were very new. The only thing I changed for Brooke was to measure 2 3/4" on the cuff section. Low and behold, custom leggings! They cover her entire leg, but I guess she isn't especially tall. Really, though, I had intended to have something more like a capri, but I think they will scrunch up just fine. You could also use them with a short-sleeve shirt as a faux long-sleeved undershirt. Her reaction..."Mommy, you're such a big helper to make stuff for me and Summer." Well, if that doesn't just melt my heart and make me run out to buy half a dozen more pairs of socks (which I did) then I don't know what would.
Of course she didn't exactly choose the best socks to go with the leggings, but they looked super cute with her pink boots she had on.

Summer got in on the photo op

Brooke and her "big helper"

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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Bit of Sunshine and Mud

We got outside today to enjoy the sunshine before it ends and to clean off our old highchair that I'm putting in the JBF sale today. Brooke took the opportunity to play in the ensuing mud. It gave me some great photo opportunities.
LOVE LOVE this...I did not know my camera would take a photo like this

And then, her game of not wanting her picture taken started.
Summer was just happy to be outside and playing

Can we wish the snow away and
ask the sun to stay another day??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Bill can't stand to sit in the house with nothing to do on his days off. I, on the other hand, have no problems doing nothing with my days off. Anyway, on the days I have kids and Bill is off there really isn't much he can do in the house except sit around. So, instead of going crazy with me and the four kids today, he decided to get outside and do some work. Next thing you know, he's completely emptied the shed to reorganize it. He's done this several times with other things in storage (my things) when he's off and it drives me nuts, so I was thrilled when he decided to occupy his time with his shed. Although it didn't feel like spring around here today, he definitely did his share of spring cleaning.

Do you think my husband has enough gas cans?? There are two more out of frame on the porch.

All cleaned out and ready to be swept.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having a Ball....of Yarn

I finished it!! My first real knitting project and I am so happy with it. I blocked it out last night....magic by the way....and sewed the two pieces together this morning. I haven't been able to get Brooke to model it for me yet, but she looks adorable in it!

My next project will be a simple scarf. I wish that I had thought to take a picture of this yarn before I untwisted the hank to wind it. It was much more beautiful that way, than this pile of stuff. It might not look like much here, but I swear it will be the most beautiful scarf. The yarn is made from several different fibers, textures, and colors all tied together in various lengths. Call me crazy, but I can't wait for scarf weather next year!!

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An Evening With Daddy

I found these sweet pictures on the camera this morning while I was loading others. Apparently Bill took some pics of the girls last night while I was still at church. A few weeks ago, we decided that Bill would only volunteer at church on days that he doesn't work. Since he worked yesterday, he brought the girls home after we attended the service to get everybody fed and ready for bed. Looks like he had a good time with his girls!
Summer is not pulling herself up to her feet yet, but she loves to be stood up in her crib so she can have a better view of everybody.

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Bowling and Bubbles

Yesterday was a gorgeous day out, even if a little windy. We took advantage and got some bubbles and a plastic bowling set to play with outside. Our time out was short, but Brooke had a blast. I was about to pull my hair out though.
Weightless plastic bowling pins + uneven ground + lots of wind = I HATE plastic bowling sets!

This arrangement didn't last long

She's a pro

Summer loves playing in her dome sun-shade. I couldn't get her to stay in her Bumbo seat. For the first time, she managed to pull herself out of it. At least she did it on soft ground the first time. Now I know not to leave her alone over a hard surface in it.

Who doesn't love bubbles!!
Hope you all enjoyed the great weather if you're in OKC

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Brooke has always been Daddy's girl. Here is a conversation between her and Bill as he was getting ready for work this morning.
Brooke: Where you goin Daddy?
Bill: I gotta go to work baby.
Brooke: I wanna go wits you Daddy.
Bill: You can't go with me. There's too much that you could get hurt on.
Brooke: I jus wanna hoda you and go to work wits you. (Brooke is in the other room hurriedly putting her boots on)
Bill: You're gonna have to stay here with Mommy.
Brooke: (coming from the other room with her boots on) I canna sik in da carseak in da jeep?
She was heart broken that she couldn't go to work with her Daddy today. She thought it was so simple that her Daddy could just hold her all day while he work so that it would be safe for her to go.