Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look who loves her bath

Here is Summer impatiently waiting to start her bath! She LOVES bathtime:)

P.S. sorry about the bad camera angles, it will turn the right way about half-way through. Our camera is not the best for videos...oh man the lighting is worse here than when I watch it on my video viewer...sorry again. Really it's the sound that is so funny anyway.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


After what seems like FOREVER Summer has cut her first tooth. We could just feel a tiny edge of it on Wednesday and this morning we can feel the whole top surface. You still can't really see it because the gums are still so swollen. She's had a bit of a rough time with this one...I hope the other's aren't any worse!!

McAlester Trip

We took our annual trip (of course it's not our only trip of the year) to McAlester to visit Bill's family and do some crappie fishing in Eufaula. We missed a couple years while Larry and Vickie were in Colorado and this was Brooke's first time to fish. She was so excited about going and for a week leading up to the trip would ask if it was time to go fishing with Papa and Mema yet. Her and Bill picked out a purple and green Dora fishing pole that she was crazy excited about.
We all had a great time fishing and hanging out with family.

Brooke, as always, loved playing with the boys, but can't quite keep up with all of them. When all six of them are together they are quite rowdy as you can imagine and don't have much to do with a little three-year old girl, but she sure tried. I laughed and smiled as I watched her chase after them in the yard saying, "Hi guys, hi guys," over and over waiting to be noticed. But, when it was just Cody and Cordell, who spend most of the week at Dad and Vickie's, she and they had a blast. Every morning, her first question was, "Where da boys at?"

Brooke also did really well when we took her fishing. Without hesitation, she plunged her hand into the minnow bucket and grabbed hold of minnows to hand out for bait. She was not so good at casting her line out, but she didn't complain. Obviously she isn't patient enough to wait for a fish, but she happily found sticks, dirt, rocks, and bugs to occupy her.
Tuesday morning we headed to our favorite cove.

Summer hanging out with Papa

Now that Dad and Vickie live in another area this spot along a creek is less than a mile away. We hung out here a couple of times.

Cody, Brooke, Cordell
A sweet, but lonely and hungry, dog became our friend one evening. He was evidently lot or abandoned. He was a hound dog, and really very sweet. Sadly, the next morning we found him on the side of the highway about the creek:((

The crappie weren't jumping out of the water for us, but we did pretty good for the whole week.

Summer playing with Jackson (born exactly one month after Summer).

The girls with Papa and Mema just before we headed home.

Can't wait for next year!!

Eight Months

Summer, as of tomorrow, is eight months and two weeks old! Hard to believe she's been in the world with us almost as long as she was inside my belly. I did not get her monthly picture with the bear this time as we were getting ready for our visit to McAlester that day (another post later). This one was taken a few days before that, so it'll have to do. It embodies so much of her personality! She loves to be in the middle of everything.

Month eight was a big month for Miss Summer E. She learned how to sit herself up from the floor and she also worked a lot on pulling up all the way. She actually started doing that before she was sitting. She usually just makes it to her knees and she can only do it on something very sturdy and low to the ground, but she is practicing more and more. Three days after she turned eight months she started to crawl! It happened in McAlester while we were visiting Bill's dad and family. I thought she might do it then since there would be lots of new and interesting things to see and I was right. The second day we were there she started moving forward. She skipped the army crawl phase and was hands and knees crawling all the way across the room. And she has become QUICK since then!

She again impressed all her McAlester family with her cuteness;) And boy is she LOUD! She loves to shriek and scream when she is happy, excited, or mad. We just love her to pieces!