Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My best effort

I have been wanting to get on here to catch up on our life around here, but I can never seem to find the time. Hopefully I can get this out quick, so I can get busy with chores around the house;)

Over the weekend we celebrated Ron's (Bill's step-dad) coming home from the hospital after more than two months at Mercy. Brooke was not sure what to make of so many people she's not use to seeing at their house, but she was excited to see her Papa at home.
Papa, Brooke, Landon, Gigi, Koby, baby Waylon, baby Summer

We also celebrated my dad's birthday over the weekend, and we all had a good time with family. Brooke loves to play with all of her cousins. Here is a shot of Summer and cousin Jewel, who is 3 days older than Summer.

On Friday, we joined our good friends Maria and kids, Presley and Molly for an afternoon at the Omniplex. Brooke had never been, so I was excited when Maria invited us to go. She had a really good time playing with her friends in all the different areas. She did not enjoy the crazy long, and fast slide that had too many rowdy big kids on it. She got stuck behind another little kid and got plowed in the head with a big kid shoe...ouch

Brooke discovering which board is stronger..

discovering what happens when we put paper plates and cups over a really powerful blower..

And here are some random pictures from last week that we like...

Channeling Mrs. Potato Head

Bill and Brooke planting iris's

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Birds

I took this video on my front porch at noon today. At first it just looks like I'm taping my neighbors house and trees, but keep wathcing.
I am not afraid of birds, I just think they are gross!! The squealing tire sound you hear is the birds chirping and then listen for the sound when they all move...it's incredible!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silly Sayings

At lunch today we had one of Bill's favorite meals, beans and cornbread. After his second helping, he said to Brooke, "I know. Daddy's a pig." To which Brooke replied, "Daddy, you no a pig...you a cow." After we all laughed about that she decided to see what else would be funny and called him several animals and made-up words as well.

Friday, October 2, 2009


We have a couple of the "Dear God" books, and today we read from the "Thank you for friends" one. I asked Brooke who her friends were and she said "Ainen", which means Aiden. When I asked if she had any other friends she said, "Sarah," and then "Bad" (Brad) who are Natalie's parents. I asked her again if she had any other friends and she finally said Natty, and then "Lisbeth" (Elisabeth) and "Sam," who are Aiden's parents. When I asked her a final time if she had more friends, she replied, "Cookie Monser...Zoe." What a great group of friends she has!!