Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Brooke has always been Daddy's girl. Here is a conversation between her and Bill as he was getting ready for work this morning.
Brooke: Where you goin Daddy?
Bill: I gotta go to work baby.
Brooke: I wanna go wits you Daddy.
Bill: You can't go with me. There's too much that you could get hurt on.
Brooke: I jus wanna hoda you and go to work wits you. (Brooke is in the other room hurriedly putting her boots on)
Bill: You're gonna have to stay here with Mommy.
Brooke: (coming from the other room with her boots on) I canna sik in da carseak in da jeep?
She was heart broken that she couldn't go to work with her Daddy today. She thought it was so simple that her Daddy could just hold her all day while he work so that it would be safe for her to go.