Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dishes and Prayers

Oh, our dear sweet Brooke had some special moments today.
On Saturdays we stay at church for two services; once to attend church and once to volunteer with the kids. In between the two, I usually check in on Brooke to see how she's doing. Usually she is running around with a friend, or running up and down the climbing structure. Today though, she was sitting by herself at the play kitchen. After a minute I realized that she was washing the toy dishes very carefully and very methodically. Hold dish under faucet, pour imaginary water from pitcher, rub with hand, place on tray on floor. I watched amused for a moment when one of her teachers came to the window thinking I was there to pick her up. After I told her I was just watching and remarked at what she was doing, her teacher told me how Brooke came to be washing the dishes. She and her friend Mea had been playing and started arguing with one another. To distracted them, the teacher said, "Hey, whose going to do these dishes? They're dirty." Next think you know, Brooke is doing the play dishes.
Tonight, after reading our Bible story and praying, Brooke asked me what I had said during the prayer. I told her that I had thanked God for this and that, and that I had thanked Him that we got to go to church tonight. I tried to explain that I was thanking God for that because there are some people who don't get to go to church. I may have gone to far in trying to explain that in some countries there are laws that tell people they can't go to church. She got very concerned about the law and I tried and tried to explain that it was just like a rule. Well, going to bed after that was a little difficult and she was getting very upset and scared. I told her she didn't need to worry about a law, that it was just a rule. I told her to talk to God and ask him to help her not be scared or worried. In her quiet, crying voice, she said, "I want you pray for me." Break.My.Heart!! I truly hope I didn't go too far in trying to explain to her why we should be thankful for the opportunity to attend church and worship God. I hope that she is not terrified to go to church tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goody!! Two Shoes

This is a recent trend around our house and out and about these days. It all started last week when we were getting ready to go to the zoo. Bill told Brooke to go and get some shoes and told her to get something comfortable that wouldn't hurt her feet. A few minutes later she comes to show me that she chose one black flip-flop and one purple striped flip-flop. I asked her if she was sure that's what she wanted to wear ALL day as we wouldn't be home until much later after visiting family. After stressing to her that she would not be able to change them once we left the house, I asked her again if she was sure that she wanted to wear two different shoes all day. This time she looked a little worried and asked me, "They gonna hurk my feet?"
No, Brooke, I promise they won't hurt your feet, but they will boost your creativity and independence!!

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