Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hunts Are On

Yesterday, Brooke was invited to join her friends as the Mustang Easter egg hunt. It was cool and VERY windy, but they all had a good time. No prize eggs for this bunny, but she doesn't know the difference. She's thrilled to pieces with her bracelets, bunny erasers, and jumping frogs. Here is what we did...
Waiting patiently (they really did) for the 3 & 4 yr old hunt
On the prowl...her little basket filled up rather quickly. We tried to run back to the stroller and empty it for another round, but all the eggs were gone by the time we got back on the field.

Showing off her nest

The magic of peer pressure...the last time Brooke had the opportunity to have her face painted she refused. Most likely because the clown applying the paint terrified her, but this time her friends were doing it and she wanted to be like them. She sat VERY still while a great artist gave her a very girl cat.

She was SO proud of this kitty-cat. She showed it off to everybody at church last night.

The three amigos. Presley had a brown cat, and Molly was, as you can see, a clown.

We had a great time. Thanks for inviting us Maria, Presley, and Molly.

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