Sunday, May 31, 2009

R & R

Bill surprised me this weekend by setting up babysitters for Brooke all weekend so I could have some time to rest and relax. I'd been feeling pretty worn down and having bad pains off and on so he decided that I needed some time. It was so sweet of him, and even though I didn't get a lot of great sleep, it was really nice to not have responsibilities for a couple of days.
Friday night Brooke went to Grammy's and Papa's house while Bill and I had pizza and watched a movie. I gave myself a pedicure which was nice:) Saturday morning we went to breakfast and hit a few garage sales where I got a few clothing items for both Brooke and Summer. Then it was off to Wal-mart for some groceries. Once home, we put Brooke's new toddler bed (we found it Friday night on Craigslist thanks to Sarah) together, put the other bed back into it's crib form, and rearranged the whole room for a good fit.
After her nap with Grammy, Brooke went to stay with Gigi and Pa-pop Saturday night while we went to church. From what they all tell us, Brooke had a good weekend with everybody and did really well.
Brooke came home this morning and we showed her what her bedroom looked like. She said, "Oh, wow!" She was excited about both of the "new" beds in her room and now announces which one is her and which is Baby Summer's every time she goes in there.
Now it's back to reality! I have an OB appointment tomorrow and hopefully a trip to the Zoo with our friends Natalie and Aiden:)

Our Garden

We planted our garden back in April and we are all really excited with how well it's doing. Here are some recent pictures of all the growth. Thanks to the few weeks off heavy rains our veggies got a great start!

Here is a cucumber and a zuchinni plant

We have three tomato plants; one cherry-tomato and two big-boys. The cherry, and one of our big-boys, already have several tomatoes on them. The other one (in the back middle) was planted later, so it's still small and doesn't have any fruit yet.

Bill is probably most excited about the corn. He can't wait to eat it...he's still got a good wait. It's hard to see with all the grass and weeds, but there is a row of okra (my favorite!) in the front. One of those little guys isn't doing to well, and may not make it:( We used last years seeds that have been kept in the fridge so I hope they produce.

This is our blackberry bush with our very first baby blackberry starting to form! I know we won't get much this year. I can't wait until we can get a lot!!

Brooke and Natalie enjoyed watering since they could get their hands in the water from the soaker hoses.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I keep thinking of things I want to share with our friends and family that aren't related to pregnancy, so I decided to open up a new blog for all things Dunn. Somewhere to share the things we do as a family, and especially what Brooke (and soon Summer) is up to:)

Just today, I took this picture of Brooke being silly. This isn't the first time she's put a vinyl bag over her head like a hat. The first time she did it, several months ago, we were in the car and I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. Today, after she got the bag on her head, she told me she wanted to "cheese" so we got the camera out and took several pictures.
Just a short post to start out today...I'm sure we'll be putting up lots more adventures and silly things as time goes!