Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having a Ball....of Yarn

I finished it!! My first real knitting project and I am so happy with it. I blocked it out last night....magic by the way....and sewed the two pieces together this morning. I haven't been able to get Brooke to model it for me yet, but she looks adorable in it!

My next project will be a simple scarf. I wish that I had thought to take a picture of this yarn before I untwisted the hank to wind it. It was much more beautiful that way, than this pile of stuff. It might not look like much here, but I swear it will be the most beautiful scarf. The yarn is made from several different fibers, textures, and colors all tied together in various lengths. Call me crazy, but I can't wait for scarf weather next year!!

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  1. The jumper turned out great Katie! Enjoy making your beautiful scarf.