Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proud Mama

Lots of things have been changing around our house over the last week and a half. Some time ago I knew that my role in providing in-home childcare would be ending and have been looking for part time work. After what was turning out to be a hopeless search, I found the PERFECT job for me! A week ago, I started working at a wonderful Mother's Day Out program. I work on Mon, Wed, and Fri from 9-3. Both Summer and Brooke go with me. The reason it is so perfect is that it already works well with my school schedule (I up'd my load to 9 hrs this semester...YIKES!) and even after paying fees for Summer's and Brooke's tuition, I'll be making enough money to help cover all our bills. All the other centers I looked into would basically take everything I earned to cover tuition.
So, we've all been really excited about the opportunity that seriously came at the last minute. We are still adjusting to the new routine and although I am SO excited and happy about the job, it all just came at a time when there was SO much more going on. My own semester at OCCC just started this week, the JBF consignment sale has been going on; so there was hours spent getting our items ready and dropped off, and now my volunteer hours that I committed to. Needless to say, the last 7 days have been a bit overwhelming for me and the girls.
What does all that have to do with me being a proud mama? Well, Brooke has been doing REALLY well at school. She only briefly met her pre-school teacher last week during our teacher training/orientation, but was instantly attached to Ms. Holly. "Are we goin to Ms Holly's class today?" "We're gonna be late for Ms Holly's class!" are common sentences these days. Her first day of actual school was Monday and she was pretty timid according to Holly, but did really well. Wednesday, Holly told me that Brooke was a lot more outgoing and wasn't quite so reserved...yeah. BUT, here is what just filled my heart...OK, a little build up first. Lately, we have struggled and been frustrated because we cannot get Brooke to give hugs or even say "bye" to our family when we see them, i.e. her grandparents, her friends that she LOVES to play with, etc. When it's time to go she doesn't want to say bye or anything and it really upsets me, because it just seems so rude. Okay, so yesterday, as the girls and I were leaving our school she saw Ms Holly in the class next to mine with some of the staff's children. She said, "Mommy, there's Ms. Holly." I said, "Yeah, do you want to tell her bye?" I opened the door for her and Brooke went right up to Ms. Holly and gave her a HUGE hug! I nearly cried and told Holly she had no idea how big this was!
So, fast forward to today, we had gone with my mom to Chick-fil-a after she watched the girls while I was in class. After eating we went into the playplace where there was another little girl playing. Now, normally, Brooke would've have been VERY reserved, not said a word to the girl, and very likely not played very much. Today, she was a different child! Although I could not get Brooke to actually introduce herself, she talked to the girl...A LOT, played with her, was even trying to be the leader of the their play, "cmon, let's do this" or "let's go do that" Again, I nearly cried just seeing her interact and play with someone she didn't know. Later another little girl came in and asked if Brooke wanted to play with her. At first Brooke looked at the girl she'd already been playing with and said, "This is my girlie, we're playing together." The new friend asked if she could play too, and perfectly sweet, Brooke said, "Yeah, you can play too!" My heart just nearly burst open!!! I so wanted for her to be able to meet new friends and not be so timid and here after only TWO DAYS of pre-school and new friends she's doing it on her own!!!
I guess that was a bit of a long way to telling this story, but my baby girl is getting out there and I am just so happy and excited and proud of her!!!!