Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three-year old sponge

It never ceases to amaze us the things that Brooke repeats. Lately she's has been very quick to tell on Bill or myself to the other parent when she doesn't like something we've done or said. I guess it was Thursday of this week that she was wanting to play in the laundry and was upset that Bill was trying to fold it. So she came to tell me all about it and said that Daddy "take all her fun away." I told her to go talk to him about that (we are trying to encourage her to work it out with the person she's upset with instead of "telling on them"). A minute later, I hear her say, "I no like thak. I no like your attitude down here."
How can you not laugh!?

Fire Drill

Since I do some part-time child care out of our home, I have to abide by state licensing rules. One of those rules is monthly fire and tornado drills, which I have failed to do until this month. Last week we did our first fire drill. Since we had never really talked about fires, what the smoke alarms are for, and what we should do in a fire we talked about that for a few minutes. Brooke was getting really nervous as I was telling them that we were going to practice what to do in case there was ever a fire. Anyway, the drill itself went pretty well, but Brooke was really shaken up and nervous for a good thirty minutes after. I had Bill check the library for some educational books and videos about fire so we could talk some more about the issue.
That night we read a book about "stop, drop and roll." The girl could not have been more serious. She was all business listening to this book. At one time Bill was reading about heat sources and began naming all the heat sources we have in the house. With each one, Brooke would nod her head slightly and say, "kay." She did the same thing all the way through the book every time there was new instruction.
Hopefully when we do our tornado drill it won't be so scary for her.

Paging Dr. Brooke

Today seems like a good day to post some updates and fun stories from around here.

A while back I found Brooke a Dr. kit on clearance and she loves it. At least once a day, she asks me if I want to be the "patienk" and gives me my "waxination." She uses her stethoscope to listen and tells me to "take a deep breaf." She also has an otoscope tool, but she's a little confused on that one. She puts it up to my eyes and looks through the other side, but when she puts it up to my ear she listens. I giggle every time! And the end of my "chep up" she declares that I am "all heaufy"
And of course, she loves to be the patient just as much as being the doctor.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

An update in pictures

Sweet friends Summer and Mollie hanging out with Pooh Bear
Having fun at the indoor play-place at Crossroad's Mall. That's the only good thing left there!
Even Summer had some fun playing. Daddy was brave to let go
Look who can sit by herself now! Just a little cushion for when she tips over.
Finally got the exersaucer out. Brooke loves it just as much as Summer unfortunately