Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet Moments, Splash Park, and Sleep

I meant to get this posted yesterday when this all occurred, but it just didn't happen. So Brooke did the cutest thing yesterday. I had Summer on the changing table and she was upset and crying. Brooke was in her usual spot during Summer's diaper changes; standing on the chair so she can watch and talk to Summer. In response to Summer crying, I said something like, "I know, it's almost over." Brooke got really close to Summer's face and began to rub her head and say, "I know Baby Summer, I know Baby Summer." It was just the sweetest thing to hear her trying to console her baby sister<3

Yesterday afternoon we all went to visit our favorite splash park. We haven't been since the weekend before Summer's birth. It was clear that Brooke had missed going. When we first got there, she went running laps around the whole pad going through every fountain and sprayer that she could. She and Bill had a good time as always with their water balloons, and even found some friends to share and have fun with.

Summer has not been sleeping well at night recently and seemed to have her days and nights mixed up a few days ago. She was impossible to keep awake at all during the day and wouldn't sleep unless held at night...ugh! Well, just before this started we had made the assumption that Summer didn't need to be swaddled for sleep since she seemed to do just fine without. So, we were just putting her to bed in a sleep sack. Well, last night, she was impossible to console and even after two feedings two hours apart, she would wake up soon after being laid down. I finally decided to try swaddling her, laid her back down, and gave her her paci. She went right to sleep and didn't make a sound for 5 hours!! HALLELUJAH!!! It was a great night, except for the fact that Summer and I spent the first half of the night sleeping on the living room hips paid a dear price for that. I must be getting SO old!! I'm crossing my fingers that tonight goes just as well sleeping in our beds!

Oh, and another silly thing Brooke has been doing today. She's been playing with these toy watches that somebody gave her and has been telling me all day that it's 10:12. Not sure why that time, but she's convinced that has been the time all day. The things they come up with!

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