Monday, August 17, 2009

Brooke's First Scissors

Today we let Brooke try out the new workbooks that I got on the infamous trip to Barnes and Noble. They're actually more like an activity book for ages 2 and up that teach them to do things like cut, color, fold, or use stickers and glue. We got Brooke her first pair of scissors and let her try it today. I could not get her to stop cutting! After doing a few pages in the book, I told her we were done for today but could do some another time. She kept on all day long wanting to cut, so we let her cut some plain paper. She went through about three pieces of paper cutting into the edges all the way around. That still wasn't good enough and she continued to ask for the book so we did a few more pages. After having cut the plain paper up she did the same with the activity pages after she cut the appropriate lines. As you can see in the second picture, there is not much left of the page after she was done. While I did not get her very first attempt on camera I think these will do.

Here's the workbook we're using.


  1. I love Kumon workbooks! We've done lots of them, including that one for Annie. Have fun!

  2. Way to go Brooke!! :) How fun!