Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Busy Day

What a day we had yesterday! Bill was off and we spent the morning running around and doing some shopping. Early yesterday morning, (3:00) Summer woke me up with her grunting and fussing. I went to her cradle and saw that she had scooted so much and worked herself done into her swaddle blanket that her head was totally covered and she was stuck. It freaked me out so much that I couldn't get back to sleep for several hours. It wasn't the first time it had happened, but it seemed a lot worse this time. I had already decided the day before that I wanted to go back to the JBF sale to look at a few more things, so I added a sleepsack/swaddler to my list and told Bill if I didn't find one, we were going to Babies R Us to get one. I couldn't go another night worrying that she might suffocate in her blanket. I found lots of the SwaddleMe versions, but I really wanted the Halo sleep sack one. Her arms actually go through it like a shirt, so I knew that she couldn't possibly scoot down into the blanket. We had a good time at the sale anyway, and got a few more things we needed for the girls.
We got some lunch and then headed to Babies R Us to get the swaddler. I already LOVE it! I just wish they made it in bigger sizes! They only have it in newborn which only goes up to 12lbs. When I put her in it yesterday for a quick nap after dinner she literally fell asleep instantly! She slept really well last night as well, and her arms don't move AT ALL the whole night. Here's a picture of her in it today.

I'm just adding this because she is oh so cute;)

Anyway, we got home just after one and sent Brooke to bed, but at 2:30 she still wasn't asleep. Well, as you can see, she eventually crashed at 5:00 and she slept through dinner.

After dinner we went to spend some time with Bill's mom at the hospital. His step-dad has been in ICU for a week and 1/2 now with lung cancer. This morning he had some setbacks so we're just hoping they get him back to where he was yesterday. So that was our LONG day. Amazingly, Summer still slept well last night. She basically slept the WHOLE time we were out yesterday morning, so I was worried our night would be rough.

And this is from a couple days ago. I couldn't get Summer to stay asleep unless I was holding her so I'd been carrying her in the Moby. I wanted to lay her down without disturbing her. I wasn't sure it was possible, but I was able to lay her down and get the Moby off of me without taking her out of it.

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  1. Looks like an awesome blanket! I am totally over the SwaddleMe ones. They worked for Nat, but not for Mollie. :(

    That's a beautiful pic of Summer sleeping, and LOVE Brooke's moves! :)

  2. Ah, what great pics!! Summer is such a cutie pie! :)