Saturday, August 15, 2009

Small Successes and One Crazy Day

Bill gave Summer her first bottle last night. I hadn't intended to do it quite this early, but I had put an emergency bottle in the fridge yesterday for my mom while she stayed with the girls. I didn't want it to go to waste, so decided to try it out. It took her just a minute to latch to the bottle and she quickly downed an entire 4oz! I never thought she would take that much! Even when Brooke was several months old she never took that much from a bottle. I don't know if Summer is just a better eater, or if I have these new bottles to thank for it. They were reviewed as a great bottle for babies that nurse and evidently they work. She had no problem going back to breast-feeding at her next yay!
Today, I took both the girls out on our first major outing. What I thought would be a quick 1hr errand turned in to a 2 1/2 hour crazy-filled morning! I had been wanting to go to Lakeshore to look for some workbooks that Brooke would have fun with and I had some extra money so decided to go today. Lakeshore was insanely busy and maneuvering the cart was especially challenging with Summer's carseat blocking my view. I must have run into shelves and baskets a dozen times, but over-all, that stop wasn't too bad. Brooke was very well behaved even with all the inviting things for her to touch! While I did find one book I was looking for, they didn't carry the other brand so I decided to stop at Barnes and Noble since it's just next door. In the children's section, they have a Thomas train table that Brooke wanted to play with, so she did that while I browsed the books. A few minutes into, she said she needed to potty, and just as I turned to say, "okay, let's go," she is already going right there on the floor!!! UGH! I partially blame myself for this, because she hadn't gone since getting up this morning, and I hadn't asked her if she needed to go! It was such a mess, and of course, I left her change of clothes in the car and had nothing but wipes in the diaper bag. I couldn't leave her there to get paper towels in the bathroom, and couldn't take her with me as her croc's were full of pee which she would have trailed all the way there. I managed to find an employee and let them know and after what seemed like forever, we got it cleaned up, paid for our books and got to the car! As it was getting so late, and past lunch, we stopped at McDonald's for a bite. Geez, I just never realized how hard it would be to cart along two kids in and out of stores and such! We finally managed to get in, eat and get back in the car (I shoveled my food and made Brooke take hers with us), and I go to pour what's left of Brooke's milk into a cup that we had. Well, only half of it landed in the cup. The other half came pouring out of the straw that I left inside, into my lap: I won't say that at the end of the trip, I laughed about the absurdity of it all, but at least I remained calm and cool about it and just took it in stride. I guess this is the new normal with two little ones!
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  1. Lol, yep, the adventures of 2 kids! I remember when Bourbon was 2 and Roman was an infant, just going to the grocery store could end with all 3 of us in tears!! You get the hang of it though! Hang in there! :)