Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swadle Me This, Swadle Me That

So today was my THIRD day to shop at the JBF sale. Today is their 50% off day, which I have never shopped, but it was totally worth it! Since I only got one of the swaddler sleep-sacks earlier this week, I decided to go back and look for a "MiracleBlanket" that I had seen and that Sarah suggested. I actually picked a couple up for her when I did my volunteer shift on Thursday but didn't get any for myself. Well, I lucked out and found two that were eligible for half-off so I spend $7.50 on two miracle blankets! Plus, I found some more infant toys for Summer and a cute knit cap. For Brooke, I got a few sweaters since I didn't get many earlier in the week. I think now, after my third trip, that Brooke has enough clothes for the cold season!

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  1. I bet we were there at the same time. Shianne and I went this morning a little before ten and stayed for about an hour. We found tons of cute stuff for her, but not much for Dylan.