Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day In McAlester

Tuesday of this week we loaded up and took the girls to McAlester for a day trip. This was Summer's first time to go. It became a very long day since we tried to get as many visits in as we could. Most of the day we were in the car going from one house to another, but it was a good day anyway. I, however, ended up with a terrible headache and completely lost my mind. We only got pictures on our first stop which was at Grandma and Grandpa Aguilar's house. I didn't take a single picture after this stop so I owe my apologies to Papa and Mema, Aunt Yaya, and Tisha and Whitney. They all got to meet Summer but I didn't get any pictures with them. Anyway, both the girls did really well for being in the car all day and thankfully, Summer slept all the way home and went right to bed when we got home (not until 11:00). On our next trip, I will do a better job of capturing pictures.

Summer with her great-grandma Aguilar

Grandpa and Grandma Aguilar...Brooke took this may be one of the ONLY pics I have where Grandpa is looking at the camera. All the times we've taken pictures of him with the girls, he looks at them instead of the camera.

Like this

This is cousin Jerry. He has been in town visiting his parents so he came to meet Brooke and Summer.

And then, I more pictures:(

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