Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Catch Up

The last few days have been good, fun days. Bill has been off on Tuesday and Wednesday since he went back to work, so we try to use those days (if he isn't mowing somewhere) to do something fun together.

Monday, after he got home, we went to the hospital to visit Bill's mom and see how Ron was doing. Ron, over the few days previous to our visit, had been more responsive to people and trying to communicate more. We'd hoped that we would get to spend some time visiting with him, but we didn't choose a very good time. He'd just come back from radiation, and was still sleepy from the sedative they give to keep him still. Tuesday morning, they did a trach surgery so that they could take the ventilator out of his mouth/throat. We haven't had a chance to get back and see him, but we hear that the surgery went fine and he is really communicating a lot now. Perhaps we'll get to visit tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday was Summer's one-month check up and she's doing great. She was up to 9lbs 9oz and 21 3/4 in. Dr. Moore added it all up, and in 32 days, she's gained 36 ozs; or maybe it was the other way around, now I can't remember. What I can't believe is how much length she's gained. Tuesday night, Jesika and Hannah came over and had dinner with us. It was a fun visit and the girls had fun together as always.

Yesterday, we took a nice trip to the zoo. The tiger spent a lot of time growling REALLY loudly. I kept trying to get it on video, but he would stop every time I came up to do it. The bears, who are usually roaming around their enclosure, were right up at the glass lying on the ground relaxing. The young orangutan was being silly dangling from ropes and swinging into the window. Brooke stood up on the ledge to get a closer look and when she put her hand to the glass, the orangutan did the same. Brooke got nervous and tried to step straight back but the ledge she was standing on was taller than she realized so she fell down instead of stepping down. She was fine though, and laughed about the silly monkey.

And then, last night we had our lifegroup over. The study we're doing is called "Making Children Mind Without Loosing Yours." It's been great talking and brainstorming with the group about the things our kids do, and how to correct them.

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  1. Hey, I have that book and workbook about making children mind! I did it together with my pastor's wife at my old church before I came to LC, it is a great resource!

    Glad you guys are getting time to have fun family days!