Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's Crafty

I love that show on Ion, but this post has nothing to do with that crafty girl and everything to do with THIS crafty girl...ME:) I'm lucky to have been raised by a mom who was always working on some craft. Mom sews, quilts, knits, and used to cross-stitch quite a bit but hasn't much in the last several years. Although I have tried each one of this hobbies, I have succeeded at few of them. I do NOT quilt or cross-stitch, and my sewing can't really be classified as sewing; it's really only for crafting. But, after seeing a neat, and very expensive, case for knitting needles (which I have recently taken up: see knitting post), I suggested to Mom that we should make our own. So birthed today's day of crafting with Mom and my sisters who have inherited even more of Mom's crafty talent than I. Three of us (me, Mom, and Suzanne) made knitting cases, while April, budding crochet designer, worked on her newest creation. Rachel didn't join us, but she is really talented with paints and charcoals. She's done some really neat, albeit strange, canvases.
Of course, no sewing adventure for me would be complete without many mistakes and mishaps. I could be heard several times shouting my mantra, "This is why I don't sew!" I hate that it only takes seconds to make a mistake, but it takes FOREVER to fix it!! I, as usual, did not finish my project, but I blame that on our waiter at Chili's who turned our lunch break in to a 2hr siesta.

Here are some pics from our day...April had already left when I got the camera out...Sorry April.

Mom and Suzanne at work sewing pockets and flaps.

Mom was further ahead than anybody since she cut out her pieces before the rest of us arrived.

Not a good picture of all of us, as I'm hidden behind Mom's machine at the end. She was trying to fix of the many mishaps. Can you say "pucker."
Here is mine at an early stage. This is the inside, before the flap that lays over the needles was added.

Here's mine after the top flap and a start on the binding around the edges.

This is Suzanne's finished case

And here's Mom's.

I have quite a bit of work left yet. Just before I left I notice my binding was coming unsewn so I will have to rip out and re-sew part of that and then complete the binding. Fortunately, I have the house to myself until Sunday morning since Bill is off with the girls in McAlester. I can stay up late and sleep as long as myself will let myself;)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. They turned out really cute! Thanks for putting a link to my blog Katie. :)