Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Price of Playing Ball

Bill has been playing basketball on Wednesday nights for a couple of years now without much incident. It's just a group of guys playing for fun at a school gym where one player is principal. This last week his luck ran out and he ended up with a terrible sprain in his left ankle. He's been hobbling around pretty pathetically for a couple of days, but is doing better with an ankle ace wrap (thanks Mom). Here are some pics of the injury...

The night of...I know it looks like his ankle is broken and hanging off and some horrendous angle, but it really is just sprained.

After compression, he turned seriously black and looks AWFUL, HORRIBLE!

Side-by-side comparison

Hopefully he will be walking normally soon. Even with this, he went ahead with his plans to take the girls to McAlester by himself while I stayed home and hung with my mom and sisters. What a trooper!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I am CRINGING looking at these photos! Yikes! I can't believe he still went to McAlester with the girls. Definitely a trooper!