Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seven Months Old

Little Miss Summer is a big seven months old today! She is so close to really being on the move these days. She gets up on to her knees and rocks herself silly, but is only moving herself backwards. She loves to play on the floor but does get frustrated when she moves the opposite way of the toys she wants. I'm sure there will be no stopping her once she figures the crawling business out. She is still known for being very vocal in her social groups and elsewhere. At a recent visit to her pediatrician he even commented on how loud her "talking" is. Speaking of doctors, we saw him a lot this last month. Summer had a bout with RSV earlier this was actually a nice birthday surprise for me:( She was much better after a few days of breathing treatments and pretty well recovered after two weeks. Just yesterday we began introducing Summer to formula. Right now she is getting a mixture of breastmilk and formula until she is used to it. Although I had all intentions of nursing Summer for a year as I did with Brooke, she had other things in mind. If she's noticed a difference in her milk thus far, she doesn't seem to mind it. She's been a little finicky with her solid foods this month and had A LOT of trouble with them while she was so congested with the RSV. She is coming around a bit more, but prefers to have her solids almost right after her bottle feedings. Summer is also really close to cutting her first tooth. We can't feel the ridge yet, but we can feel the gums opening a bit.
Summer took a trip with Bill and Brooke to McAlester last weekend and, from what I hear, rather impressed her great-grandparents. They ate her up and she showed them some of her loving too.
Summer is such a loving baby. Her "loving" is a little rough though. She likes to grab at people's faces and pull them to her and kiss all over you. For some reason, with Bill, she always grabs for and tries to chew on his ears. It doesn't always feel the best, but we adore it. She lights up whenever Brooke comes around to play with her. Summer tries to "follow" Brooke by rolling whenever Brooke moves away from her.

Here are some other pictures and a video from Summer's 7th month of life.....
Getting a breathing treatment from Daddy

Now that Summer can sit up, she and Brooke love to take baths together; saves us some time too.

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