Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shame on me

I am greatly disappointed in myself for not keeping my blog up to date. It seems that life just gets so in the way! I will attempt a very brief update of the last several weeks and try to post some pictures in the next day or two.

We had a good Thanksgiving with family here in OKC and then headed to McAlester to visit Bill's Dad and family for the weekend after. Bill did some hunting while we were there, but didn't get anything. He was disappointed, but is excited that he found a spot near Thunderbird Lake to go. While we were there we had a small birthday celebration for Brooke since Papa and Mema and all her cousins weren't able to come to her party here. She had fun picking out her cake and always has a blast playing with all the boys there.

Last weekend we watched as Bill's sister, Jesika, married her fiance Patrick. It was a beautiful wedding!

Both girls had well-checks with our pediatrician last week and are doing well. Brooke has really grown a lot! In the last seven months she has grown 7in and 8lbs!! Dr. M was really pleased with her and she cooperated fairly well for a 3yr old! Summer is also doing well and he gave us the go-ahead on solids to add a little more weight on her. She hasn't been too excited about infant cereal, but does take it. Today, however, after her bottle, she was eyeing my banana so we mashed some up for her to try. After the first four or five bites she would turn and just SMILE so big at us. You could tell she REALLY liked the bananas and was attacking the spoon each time! She is well on her way to eating a full solid diet in addition to her milk!

Summer has become known for being quite loud these days. When she's happy and playing she gets very noisy just talking and cooing to herself. I say she sounds like a singing bird...although I wouldn't say it's a pretty song;)

Brooke just loves being a big-sister and is so sweet with Summer. She amazes me with her ability to put puzzles together. She needs no help to put together a 20-30 piece puzzle and only a little help with a more challenging one! She takes after my sister April in this way.

I'm gearing myself up for another challenging semester in school starting in January. Other than that, we are just enjoying each other's company.

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