Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I'm a tad late in getting this posted but Blogger wasn't cooperating yesterday. As most of you know we had a crazy amount of snowfall in OKC on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow. Bill was a trooper, pulling all the kids over a snow drift and across Mom and Dad's backyard. Even Brooke and I got in on the action. I haven't had so much fun in the snow since Bill and I were dating and took some sleds to an overpass on the turnpike before it opened in Yukon. Anyway, here are some great pics and a video.
This is on our way to the interstate. The car directly in front of us is moving but every other vehicle in the frame was stranded...including the mail truck which was surrounded by at least 6" of snow.

This was Brooke's first experience on a sled. She had a great time even after getting knocked over.

This is Shianne and Dylan on the sled being pulled by Bill. At the very last second of the video Brooke got knocked to the ground "funniest home video" style but it was just out of frame so you probably won't see it.

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