Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Missy B Is Turning Three!

She was born three years ago today, and boy have our lives changed!
Brooke is such a fun three year old these days!! She has become quite adventurous over the last few months and loves to jump off of anything and everything. Brooke loves being a big-sister and is so sweet with Summer. She always lets us know when Summer needs something and is the first to go and find the paci for her. It's amazing how much she can change in just three years!!

Just born..
Nov '07 - 1 year old
Nov '08 - 2 years old
Nov '09 - 3 years old

We were blessed to have most of Brooke family and friends celebrate with us last week at McDonald's. Brooke, and her friends, had a great time!

Brooke got lots of great presents....here are just a few
Dora trike from Papop
baby doll car seat from Papa and Grammy
Snow White dress from Presley and Molly
Tinkerbell hair set from Hannah...oohhh

And of course....enjoying the gifts!

We fell so blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!


  1. She is a sweetie and such a blessing! I LOVE seeing the old photos. I can't believe she's now three!!