Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Months and Halloween

Well, it's become quite obvious to me that I am no better at keepin gup with a blog than I am at keeping a persoanl journal. But, I will continue to post when I can...

Last week, Summer turned three months old. I have no idea how much she weighs, but she goes in for a weight check next week. I hope that she is atleast 12lbs, but we shall see. Summer loves to smile. She hasn't laughed for us yet, but not for lack of our trying. Poor thing is still trying to get over a bad cough and has been having trouble sleeping, but she's getting through it pretty well.

The same day that Summer turned three months old, we went to the Zoo for trick-or-treating. We met our Lifegroup friends and had a great time. All the kids did great and had a good time. Nobody got too scared at any of the other costumes, which I was worried about, but it was a great night and great weather for the trip! Brooke was Piglet this year and she absolutely LOVED her costumer. Everytime she saw herself in the mirror or a picture she would crack up laughing at herself. I think she was a tad confused though, because she kept saying she was a bunny.

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