Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday was our first visit of the season to a city splash park. It only took Brooke about five minutes to get used to it again and then she was off and running through every sprayer and fountain there was. She'd run around for a few minutes and then come back to me smiling and say, "Splash me again, Mommy," which meant that she got sprayed again. Here are some pictures:

Still just getting used to it

This dog came by with his owners and he seemed to enjoy the water as much as Brooke. When a fountain would start coming up he would attack it with his mouth and then stand right on top of it, letting the water soak his belly. It was really cute.

Brooke wouldn't go anywhere near these last year, but this year she'd go around in circles waiting to run through them.

"Splash me again, Mommy."

Soaking wet and loving it! She didn't even shiver today like she normally does when she plays in the water.

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  1. How fun! We love the splashparks! They are awesome!