Tuesday, June 16, 2009

R.I.P. Bunny

Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to take a picture of this, but yesterday Brooke did the funniest thing after I laid her down for nap. I went to check on her about 20 minutes after laying her down and noticed that her door was half-way closed. I immediately wondered what trouble she was into, but when I peeked in she was in her bed covered up, nearly asleep, and didn't even notice me. I noticed that her bunny and snuggly weren't in bed with her as usual, but, didn't think too much of it. Later in the evening, while putting some things away in her room, I found Bunny. Bunny was on the floor, next to Brooke's bed, completely covered with snuggly. Apparently Bunny also needed a nap, but not in bed with Brooke and had gotten cold. Again, I wish I had taken a picture right then and there but I didn't and then it was too late because Brooke picked them both up.

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