Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Well, we had a long weekend of getting things done around the house and checking things off the to-do list. Bill got the cradle put together earlier last week, and we think we got everything out of storage that we need. Friday night we spent a couple of hours organizing the girls' bedroom and getting everything put away. Summer's bed had been full of random stuff that we hadn't found a home for, so it was good to get all of that done. All of Summer's clothes and bedding have been washed and put away. I got all of our bottles and pump parts sterilized, and I've started packing some things for the hospital. That's a hard thing to cross off, since some of the things we need to pack are also things we will use between now and going to the hospital. I guess we can't be totally packed until we're ready to go:)
I also finished the letters for both girls' names and we got them hung up on the wall....

I REALLY like how they turned out, and so far, Brooke hasn't messed with the letters. I told her that if she couldn't leave them alone, we would have to take her name down and she wouldn't get to have her name on the wall like Summer. Hopefully that's enough reason for her to leave them alone!
My mom finished putting the bed-skirt together and brought that over on Saturday, so now Summer's bed is totally ready...silly thing is she won't be sleeping in it for a while, and the cradle, which she will sleep in right away, now has several things in it that don't belong there.
So it seems like most everything on my original to-do list is complete. We haven't installed the car seat yet, but I need the extra seat for Natalie. Plus, this week Hannah is staying with me during the day, so I need it for her. Like I told Bill though, even if it's not installed before we go to the hospital, there will be time to install it before we take her home, so I'm not totally concerned about it. I did do some designing of an announcement, but of course, that has to be a surprise to everybody. And, we do still need to wrap both gifts for the girls. I don't want to have Brooke wrap Summer's gift too early since I want her to remember and understand that it's from her, to Summer. I may even wait until I'm pretty sure we're going to the hospital to have her wrap it.
Well, I'm sure there are other things we need to do and I'll think of them as the time comes!

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