Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ten Months

I just can't believe I'm saying that Summer is 10 months old. It seems like she gets bigger every day but I just don't know where the days have gone. Again, she was not cooperating for her picture and kept scooting down into the chair. What can you expect from a busy, moving baby??

Summer wants to walk so badly she can hardly stand herself. Last week was her first attempts at walking behind a toy with wheels. We were in the backyard and she almost immediately figured it out.

She loves to push this all the time now and get II-rate when make her stop. We always said she was our drama queen and she hasn't disappointed that prediction.

Just this week she learned to clap and is quite proud of her dainty and quiet clap. That is about the only thing about her that is quiet. Last weekend, we attended a wedding for Bill's cousin Danny in Tulsa. During the reception, Summer's excited squeals and shrieks could be heard over the very loud music and conversation. And that girl danced like no one has ever danced before. It was hard to keep a hold of her at times because she was dancing so fiercely. I have a video of it, but it is so dark that you can hardly see. We stayed overnight in Tulsa and the next morning, Bill and the girls got in to the pool. Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera down with us. Summer really enjoyed her first pool. She was no less quiet in the pool than she had been the night before, splashing and squealing while Bill swam her around.

Summer is really starting to enjoy finger foods more and more, and is occasionally eating complete finger food meals. Recently she had baked ravioli and LOVED it. However, she is not quite ready to give up her purees. She seems certain that her meals are not complete until she has consumed both. Summer seems to be following Brooke's unique order in which she will cut her teeth. It hasn't popped through yet, but it appears that the next one will be the one just to the right of the top middle.

Summer is so fun and playful and especially loves to play with big sister Brooke. We just can't believe how blessed we are to be able to love on her!

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