Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nine Months

We are a tad late on getting our nine month photo and updates. Boy, this was not an easy picture to get! She was having way too much fun with the bear to sit still for a good shot. And of course it's blurry for all her gyrations, but she's obviously happy! She saw her Pediatrician last week and she's healthy as can be at 17lbs 6oz and a little over 27in long. Incidentally, that is the same size that Brooke was at 12 months!
She is really moving these days and there is nowhere that she can't go. She is pulling up on everything and can get herself down with ease now. She recently had her first experience in a swing and seems to enjoy it.
She is starting to try more and more finger foods. If she didn't already love her bananas, she definitely does now! And, after lots and lots of trying, she is finally doing pretty good with a sippy cup.
She is a very happy baby, loves her baths, her sister, and anything she can chew on!

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