Saturday, July 3, 2010

Month Eleven

Well, we're a little late in getting this up here, but we have all had a busy month. Especially this adorable little girl here!

Month eleven has been a BIG month for Miss Summer E. She is growing like crazy from all the food she eats. She just LOVES her food (see below)!

Summer had several firsts this month.
She had her first taste of ribs. The girl likes her meat! She was so sad when it fell on the floor:(
She also had several opportunities to go swimming and visit splash parks. Here, she's not so sure about this life jacket business, but she LOVES the water! In our little family size pool we have outside, she just can't stand it if others are playing in it and she isn't. And she wants to be free in the water for sure! She loves to splash and kick as much as she can and doesn't care how wet she gets in the process. And the last time we visited the splash park, she was getting right under the fountains getting completely drenched and LOVin' it.

In just one day Summer learned how to push buttons to make the characters from her toy appear, AND, she also worked and worked at figuring out how to put two nesting cups together. She would get so frustrated with them but would eventually come back to them and work at it again until she finally got one inside of the other. She is so proud of her new skills

Her biggest achievement this month has been her first steps! A few weeks ago she took her very first steps. She still crawls quite a bit now, but is walking more and more. The video of her very first attempts is really too dark to see online, but this video was taken about a week ago when she really started walking good distances all on her own without being prompted. Her friend Mollie is happily cheering her on in the background.

A cute story from the month is a recent attachment Summer has formed with her Cabbage Patch baby, Christa. We have a toy net holding all our stuffed animals and dolls that hangs above Summer's changing table. When she's being cranky during a diaper change I'll grab one down for her to play with. Well, a few weeks ago during a pre-nap change Summer was especially cranky and I grabbed Christa down from the net. All was fine until I tried to put Christa back and lay Summer down. Now, Christa is a regular in Summer's bed and during other cranky moments.

About the only thing Summer hasn't done this month is cut any teeth. Poor girl still has only two teeth to chew with. She's now got three that I can see just below the gums but they aren't coming through yet and they've looked the same for several weeks now. There is no telling when they will actually come through.

As cute and sweet as our Summer is, she has a wicked temper this girl. Hopefully as she gets older we will be able to help her control it a bit, but right now there is no reasoning with her.

We can't believe our baby is almost a year, but we are so excited for the next phase of babyhood!

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