Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paging Dr. Brooke

Today seems like a good day to post some updates and fun stories from around here.

A while back I found Brooke a Dr. kit on clearance and she loves it. At least once a day, she asks me if I want to be the "patienk" and gives me my "waxination." She uses her stethoscope to listen and tells me to "take a deep breaf." She also has an otoscope tool, but she's a little confused on that one. She puts it up to my eyes and looks through the other side, but when she puts it up to my ear she listens. I giggle every time! And the end of my "chep up" she declares that I am "all heaufy"
And of course, she loves to be the patient just as much as being the doctor.

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