Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Birds

I took this video on my front porch at noon today. At first it just looks like I'm taping my neighbors house and trees, but keep wathcing.
I am not afraid of birds, I just think they are gross!! The squealing tire sound you hear is the birds chirping and then listen for the sound when they all's incredible!!


  1. I am also totally grossed out by that many birds! A few years ago at Louies we had a beautiful tree in front of the restaurant that became infested with THOUSANDS of birds. We had to powerwash the sidewalks twice a day underneath that tree and people were getting pooped on!! It became an obession of mine to get rid of them...we tried fake owls, fake snakes, a blow horn, etc. Luckily during the last ice storm the tree toppled over because I was about to lose my mind...

  2. That is soooo gross! I can't imagine all the poop! And there are sooo many of them!