Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer's Birth Day

It's taken me a little longer to get this posted than I had hoped, but I guess that goes with the territory.

Summer's arrival was quite a whirlwind compared to her big-sister's. For one thing, she had a stubborn mind of her own to come completely on her own terms and nobody elses'. After my 41 week appointment on Monday with Ann, where we scheduled an induction for Wednesday, she decided it was time to come. Early labor started about 7:00 pm on Monday and by 10:00 I was pretty sure it was the real deal and we would be going to the hospital that night. I had no idea just how soon it would all happen. After another hour of monitoring contractions I felt like we needed to get going so we called my Mom to come stay with Brooke. It was about mid-night when we left home for Children's Hospital.

Once there, we had to register (I can't believe they don't have pre-registration), which took about twenty minutes, and then they moved us into a triage room where they checked me. After that things went really, really quickly. When I was first checked I was at 4cm and within a little more than an hour I was 9cm and ready to push. The on-call mid-wife made it just in time to help coach us through the pushing. Bill was great through the whole thing and was a great support and encouragement to me. I couldn't have done it without him! or the mid-wife!

We were genuinely shocked at how small Summer was. We thought she would be so much bigger than Brooke, but only 1lb and 1/2 in bigger.

Here are some pictures from her very first day of life.....

Just born:)

Up late (or early) with Mommy

Sister's meeting for the first time. Brooke gave Summer a ribbon blankie and Summer gave Brooke a Tinkerbell sheet set for her bed.

Saying good-bye for the afternoon. Brooke was immediately attached to Summer and believes that she is "in charge."

Trying to get her to wake up, she was not at all interested in that idea.

Meeting grand-parents...


Mema (Dunn)..she was especially glad that I was born on Tuesday since it was her only day off until Sunday:)

Papa (Dunn)

Grammy (Wood)...Papa was out of town on business:( I met him several days later.

Will post more from home soon!!

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